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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

This is the story of the watch of Ms. Sushila Sharma. The watch here is an Enicar Star Jewel 3000. Ms. Sushila Sharma was a housewife, and this watch was gifted to her by her husband, brand new in 1967. The watch is even smaller than a 1 rupee coin!

The watch has an in-house Enicar movement (Not sure, as the watch has never been opened). The watch stopped working somewhere around 1995 after providing 28 years of service. The watch was not brought back into service; instead, it was retired and was succeeded by a quartz watch (Russian).

During its 28 years of service, the watch never stopped working, nor did it ever go for a service. It has never been opened or gone for repairs. The watch has everything original, from the strap to the crystal and crown. Nothing has ever been replaced on this watch.

Ms. Sushila Sharma says that the watch was and is very dear to her and is a special watch. It is her favorite, and she says that if it ever starts working again, she would love to wear it on special occasions as a reminder of simpler times. She loved the watch due to its simple yet elegant design. And because it was so small, light, and thin, the watch, when worn, was very comfortable on the wrist.

The watch was purchased from a watch shop in Gaffar market in Karol Bagh, Delhi. She was outside the shop when the watch was purchased for her, so she doesn't know the price but says it must have been between 200-300 Rs.

The watch has not been yet shown to a watchmaker, but soon, she expects that she would have it repaired to wear it again. This was her first watch and carries a lot of memories for her.

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