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I present my case against smartwatches

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I am an archaic remnant of an epoch I did not exist in, carrying on the legacy of the people you see in old ambrotypes and tintypes. The world has progressed rapidly in the wake of the technological revolution, and semi-Luddites such as me, are resisting change in an ever-connected world.

I say semi-Luddite because I believe that what needs changing does need to be changed. Our advanced capital is aiding us in the healthcare sector, improving our lives. But, do we really need to be connected all the time? Getting pulled into the whirlpool of social media posts and chatting constantly has captured our lives in an ever-greedy vacuum of mindless mechanisation.

Now, in addition to that, we have a new "TOOL" called smartwatches. Now, you only need a ping on your wrist for this 'tool' to capture your attention, connecting you to the whole world of unknown strangers, and disconnecting you from the real world around you. But, was it really needed when you have a device that does exactly the same thing in your pocket? Buying them year after year, like an annual ritual, and using them to comment about how the environment needs fixing while you and your peers contribute to that same electronic waste that causes this problem? I really think that it is not the environment, but the humans that need fixing. I have begun my journey towards fixing myself, have you?

This is aided by my passion for mechanical watches. Buy once, and at least the next three generations of your family can use them if maintained properly. Companies have had an increase in their appetite for money, which has led to the so-called planned obsolescence. Buying 2g, then 3g, then 4g, and now 5g phones, to tweet about the environmental problems, really? Making products not last is the new trend. You can probably accept the idea that your grandson will be able to use your grandfather's mechanical watch, Radio, fountain pens, and clocks, but you cannot possibly fathom your grandson using your PC or smartwatch in two decades, now can you?

Why not make technology to last? To make it your slave instead of you becoming its slave? Use it as a tool to serve you well, as they say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". It is imperative to understand that several (not all) technologies do not need any fixing or upgrades and that we have become trapped by the advertising gimmicks of silicon valley companies, as they laugh upon us fools, we really need to bring the change I believe.

Now again, I shall bring reference to Patek Philippe's loved and hated advertisement. "You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation..." And this has been proved by several proud custodians of these timepieces which have been, in many cases, present in the family for generations. The way to measure time never changed, and there was never I requirement to retire them from service!

Times change, fashion changes, but in this case, things have changed that should not have. ETHICS. The companies are making us their servant, instead of them being at our service. We accept a breach of our privacy and give up our right to fight against planned obsolescence. What was started as a way to keep the economy going by the Phoebus cartel, is now being used to destroy our environment, our world, and the future by a handful of billionaires, who are very rich in the monetary sense, but really very poor in their ethics and morality. Their moral duty to serve society through their companies is not being seen as a duty now, yet they reap the rewards of disposing of their duties.

By using typewriters, the typewriter enthusiasts rebel against the the disposable throw-away society they live in. By using fountain pens, fountain pen enthusiasts vow to save the environment. The vast masses or not aware of the fact that a single email also emits carbon. Even though, wood-less paper has been discovered, people continued to use the emails even though this new innovation can be game-changing! People have forgotten the pleasure of tangible goods, the ability to control their lives, and above all, their moral obligation towards their society & us watch enthusiasts assert our right to not be a part of this de-evolution by giving into this =trap of smart watches.

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