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Eco-friendliness of mechanical watches

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Mechanical watches, I would say, are the epitome of eco-friendly watchmaking. These watches do not require chemical batteries and do not pollute the environment.


Once created, these watches can last for an eternity (in the truest sense) if you take good care of them. As it is said, if you take care of your watch, the watch would not only care for you but care for your descendants and whom they decide, if, to sell the watch as well. The only energy they require is achieved through the movement of your arm when you wind the watch. Below is a watch made by Patek Phillipe with the sole motive to last forever and look as if it hadn't aged a day. (This is the same watch I talked about in the previous article)

Taken from: HODINKEE

Mechanical watches and eco-friendliness go hand in hand. You may be thinking that the production of mechanical watches causes a lot of pollution. You are right, but a mechanical watch is less responsible for emission than a quartz watch because it is a one-time emission causer. In contrast, the batteries for quartz watches are made every day in thousands, and you keep buying them for your watch to work!

They are truly a one-time investment (service cost excluded) that will resist planned obsolescence and will practically never stop working unless you are not taking good care of them!

Here is a watch from the 1600s!:

Can you imagine, this watch must have changed hands so many times, a watch currently more than 400 years old! And it is still working! That is what I call craftsmanship. In my opinion, for the reasons mentioned previously, a mechanical watch is the epitome of human ingenuity. This watch was handmade and probably belonged to some aristocrat or possibly a king! What emissions did this watch cause, practically none.

So to conclude, these watches are eco-friendly and beautiful objects which show how humans can achieve what they want and are so capable species. Thank you for reading!

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